Autism Spectrum Helped by Neurofeedback

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Parents of children on the autism spectrum may be getting an early family present this holiday season. Read on…

We know that part of the problem with autism is synchronization and communication within the different neural circuits in the brain. A recent study by the Department of Cognitive Science, University of California at La Jolla found that “… Indeed, neurofeedback (NF) training, an intervention based on operant conditioning that results in self-regulation of brain electrical oscillations, has shown promise in addressing marked abnormalities in functional and structural connectivity. It is hypothesized that neurofeedback produces positive behavioral changes in ASD children by normalizing the aberrant connections within and between neural circuits. NF exploits the brain’s plasticity to normalize aberrant connectivity patterns apparent in the autistic brain. By grounding this training in known anatomical (e.g., mirror neuron system) and functional markers (e.g., mu rhythms) of autism, NF training holds promise to support current treatments for this complex disorder.(PMID:22999736)

The Clear Mind Institute of Tampa Bay is accepting patients on the autism spectrum for Neurofeedback therapy. The first available consultation appointments are in January, 2014. To learn more


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